Friday, October 21, 2016

Whitefield - An area of Growth & Scope

Whitefield is a quaint little community in Bangalore which was one of the first areas to be hit by IT boom in the city! The International Tech Park, Bangalore in Whitefield is one of the country’s first information technology parks.

Once a village with not much infrastructure to stand upon, today it has bloomed into an area with one of the highest international investments in Bangalore. There are many IT and ITES companies as of today which has ensured the growth of the housing sector and other hospitality industries in the area.

Connectivity is another great boon to Whitefield with various means of public transportation connecting the area to other main parts of the city. Though traffic might prove to be bit tiresome for some commuters, with proper planning the commuting can be made easy.

Whitefield is a well known industrial area and thus it comes under green belt in order to protect the greenery in this area. The Vartur Lake which is close by is one of the great sources of water to Whitefield.

As an area, Whitefield provides a completely self sufficient set up for all the residents with an array
of entertainment hubs, hospitals, schools and what not! With five malls – Pheonix, VR, Inorbit, Brookfield and Park Square making the are more lively than many other areas in Bangalore, residents feel that they have a self-sufficient life in Whitefield.

This is a perfect area which has great growth perspectives and offers a lot to the residents! There are many luxury and affordable housing projects in the area being promoted by leading builders & developers from all over the country. Cost of living is also similar to many parts of the city and is not very expensive as people might think. Investing in Whitefield is a definite push for future growth.