Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Green Ideas for Diwali

The festive season brings in joy to one and all in the city. You may be a owner of our residential apartments in Karnataka or residential properties in Kerala or apartments in Tamil Nadu but be sure to celebrate a Green and safe Diwali! Let us try making this season a better one by employing few green ideas for celebration!

Power Consumption
Being the festival of lights, decorating our homes with lights is the basic concept during Diwali. Unlike olden days, we have started using electric lamps to light up our homes, streets and offices. This will lead to unnecessary power consumption. Try shifting to earthen traditional lamps this Diwali and avoid unnecessary power usage.

Earthen Lamps
As we saw earlier, using earthen lamps can be a great start for a green Diwali. Though oil is used in traditional lamps, the expense will be much lesser than having electric lamps all over the place. Earthen lamps will not only help in saving power but also will give a traditional touch to the house!

Organic Gifts
Gifts are a major part of any festival. This Diwali try gifting organic gifts. Things like herbal tea, cosmetics which are eco-friendly are great ideas. Also avoid plastic wrappers and opt for jute bags.

Eco-friendly Crackers
Crackers are the main reason for pollution during Diwali. During this festival, there is a lot of air pollution due to all the crackers and after the festival is over there is paper and cracker residue everywhere which is highly difficult to clean up. This Diwali, try using eco-friendly crackers. Though they will not stop pollution, they will definitely reduce the noise and level of pollution.

Celebrate Togetherness
A community living has great advantages during such festivals. Try celebrating together this festive season and save a lot of resources and energy!

Share the Joy
Children will always have the liking towards bursting crackers but as adults, many of us can try foregoing the money we spend on crackers and give the same to old-age homes and orphanages where people do not have even little resources for celebrating a festival. Make this Diwali a great one by giving the under-privileged people a part of what you have! The joy of giving is great!