Friday, September 16, 2016

How Natural Ventilation and lighting saves energy

Healthy living is highly essential for a good quality of life. Having a home designed with ample natural ventilation and lighting is the first step towards improving your quality of living.

Spacious homes are usually designed in such a way to ensure the cross ventilation is perfect, which leads to good flow of natural air in the house. This natural form of ventilation is effectively free and will ensure a building with good ventilation. There are no mechanics or electronics to be maintained and it is possible to prevent excess moisture and heat building up in ceiling cavities.

Having ample scope for natural air at home makes sure that other gadgets like air-conditioners and fans are used in a limited way.

Natural lighting is also facilitated by means of proper designing and placement of windows. Natural lighting is very important for people as sunlight is good for our body.

Living in homes with good natural ventilation and lighting means reduced power usage and increased natural connection. In cities like Bangalore and Coimbatore, the climate is always pleasant with gentle breeze around and a great climate. Coastal cities like Trivandrum also have the advantages of sea-breeze which keeps a house cool. With good planning and layout, one can have a great home with a healthy living!