Friday, September 2, 2016

God’s own Country!

Kerala is called God’s own country and one should visit the state to experience the true joy! With the beautiful Trivandrum as its capital, the state overflows with nativity and beauty which attracts tourists and people from many countries to travel and settle here! Our residential projects in Kerala also represent the beauty of the state which is unspoilt and lovely.

People who have been born and bought up in Kerala will never leave the state or at least return back as soon as possible. The place has a magical touch to it with lush green terrain, great flora & fauna and pure water. The sense of calmness and fulfillment tends to make people want to settle down in a peaceful environment.

When compared to many other cities in India, the cost of living in Trivandrum is way lesser and the quality of living is also better than cities like Bangalore as there is less pollution and adulteration. Real estate in Trivandrum is also way more affordable when compared to big cities in Bangalore, be it a villa or an apartment.

The city has good shopping and entertainment zones and also other recreational outing places ranging from historical heritage sites to great restaurants.

With much lesser traffic, there’s greater scope for expansion and affordable housing. Trivandrum is definitely worth the investment! People looking at investing in this city can find many options from Sowparnika as we know and understand the city’s culture and have tried to retain the same in our apartments at Trivandrum.