Friday, March 3, 2017

Making Coimbatore Smart

The smart city concept has been going rave in India with many developing cities coming under the radar for development as smart cities. Coimbatore is no less in this race! With great scope for development, the city has the making of being a major metro in progress! Sowparnika has residential flats in Coimbatore which are in line with state of the art design and have modern amenities. We will see this week as to how the city can be transformed into a great smart city easily.

People are at the starting point in any revolution or change and most of the people in Coimbatore being educated and willing to accept changes, starting off with door-to-door campaigns can surely help in the beginning.

According to many surveys which were conducted, the city has a vibrant growing economy, good social infrastructure, and active citizen forums which make it more viable and suitable for major changes with ease. Though there are setbacks in areas like sanitation, water infrastructure and traffic management, it can be set right be proper alignment and work.

With much open spaces and greenery available, there can be beautiful public spaces with proper allocation of finances and usage of resources.

Area based development is not a dream in a city like Coimbatore but with citizen cooperation and good planning, a vibrant economy can be established in the city.

Making the smart city project a sustainable one is highly essential. This can be done by segregating the component-wise plan to cover the operation and maintenance costs according to the need and not in excess.

Addressing traffic issues, proper channelization of available green spaces and open areas in the city and making use of the active citizen forums will surely make the city a smart one in no time!