Friday, January 27, 2017

Weekend getaways from Bangalore

Bangalore has been rated the most dynamic city in the world according to a recent study by JLL. Due to this dynamism, the city has seen an influx of the young working population residing in the multitude of residential apartments in Bangalore. For those of you folks living in Bangalore, life could get too tiring by the end of the week, what with all the commuting and the crazy working hours. A weekend getaway would be just the thing to get you back on your feet the next week. Here are a few places you can escape to this weekend:

With its old world charm, this city is great for magnificent citadels, grand palaces and majestic temples. Famous for its sandalwood & incense production, silk and traditional paintings, Mysore has a lot to offer for the whole family. It’s  just 160 km from Bangalore, so you can even make it a regular.

Known as the Scotland of India, this place needs little introduction. Lofty coffee plantations, lush green valleys, pristine waterfalls and of course, the lovely drive through its forested, winding roads make this a heaven for any discerning traveller. Just 271 km from Bangalore, you will not have enough of this hill station.

Although called the poor man’s Ooty, this quaint little hill station in Tamil Nadu is anything but poor in terms of the sights and scenery it offers you. Situated just 190 km from Bangalore in the Eastern Ghats, you can expect abundant forests, coffee plantations and some great sights for bird watchers.

For the wild ones, here’s a place that originally served as private hunting area for the British, now a reserve forest, known for its various species of flora and fauna, including the famous royal Bengal tiger, leopards and elephants. It’s only 171 km from Bangalore and is a great weekend getaway.
Apart from these, there are several places that you can drop by for the weekend from Bangalore. So grab your backpacks and fuel up for your exciting weekends ahead.