Saturday, November 12, 2016

Temples in and around Guruvayoor

Temples are a speciality in God’s own country. We all know the advantages and goodness of living close to holy places as we are one of the best residential property builders in Kerala. This week, let us tell you about the temples in and around Guruvayoor.

Guruvayoor Krishna Temple
Lord Sree Guruvayoorappan is a famous deity and this temple is located nearly 30 kms away from Trivandrum. Guruvayoor thrives with the regular visitors to the place. It is well connected by road and train. One can also reach Guruvayoor easily by flights in Cochin and other major cities which are close by. The temple is one of the most famed Krishna temples in India.

Mammiyoor Temple
It is usually said that people who visit the Guruvayoor Krishna Temple are supposed to visit the Mammiyoor temple also. The leading deity here is Lord Shiva and he is said to be personally worshipped by Lord Vishnu. This temple is just located 10 minutes away from the Guruvayoor main temple.

Parthasarathi Temple
This temple is located just 1 km away from the main Guruvayoor temple and has a beautiful idol of Parthasarathi. The celebration of the Gita day on Vrischika Ekadasi, is the important festival here. This function also coincides with the great Ekadasi festival of the Guruvayoor temple.

Chamundeswari Temple
Have a divine experience by visiting the Chamundeswari Temple with lovely sculptures and carved pillars which represent the beauty of the temple. Devotees from all over throng to experience the bliss and culture which the place provides. The temple is also famous for the Sanskrit classes which are offered here.

These are only few of the temples in Guruvayoor but there are many other temples which can be visited here.